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ag headerwe work to provide our clients with the most effective, natural, humane methods available for pest bird abatement. With cumulative falconry experience of over 80 years and two generations of master falconers, we offer unmatched service to public entities, farmers (including vineyards and berry farms), dairymen, transfer stations, landfills and airports.

Wingmaster's falcons, hawks and hazing canines are domestically propagated and hand-raised from birth for maximum bonding with falconers and handlers. The relationships we have with our animals are time tested and immensely reliable. Each is trained to perform his task and immediately return to the falconer for reward.

Our expert pest bird abatement services save millions of dollars in damage to crops, airplanes and public property. We eliminate sources of bird feces contamination and improve water quality by eliminating pest bird occupation. For ways we may best help with your pest bird abatement needs, please refer to our Services page.

Wingmaster Falconry Inc.'s purpose is to deny access of unwanted pest birds from project sites. We encourage pest birds to vacate the "unnatural settings" found at each location and halt them from growing their flocks to unnatural gathering numbers.